Combe Pafford Academy and Wildlife Cafe, Torquay

Coombe Pafford is a school which caters for boys and girls who have moderate learning difficulties, physical difficulties or autism. The school operates a progressive academic system which integrates academic achievement with vocational interests and personal development. The schools aim is to develop a ‘Vocational Village’ which contains high quality learning facilities to include:

 - Motor Vehicles - Construction - Hairdressing - Animal Care- Horticulture - Hospitality and Catering.

RSA were commisioned in Feb 2012 to develop a masterplan strategy to encourage public engagement with the school, aswell as to replace two education blocks with new learning facilities. A new public community wildlife cafe is at the heart of the design which will act as a central focus for the school and exhibit live tarantulas, pythons, hissing cockroaches and other delights to enjoy whilst sipping a frapachino and homemade biscotti.

Work is currently starting on site and scheduled for completion in May 2014

Client – Combe Pafford Academy

Cost – £0.8 million

Contractor - Ease Build