D.S.S. Newcastle

Project DescriptionThe project involved the extensive unification of a Governmental agency within one main site on the outskirts of Newcastle.

In the first phase, 5500 staff  were accommodated in six buildings, arranged in an ellipse along a central avenue, with a social building at one end.

The efficiency of the scheme was due to giant floor plates, 64 m long and 14.4 m wide, on either side of an atrium.  They allow easy subdivision for whatever operational structures are required.The four storey office buildings have expressed steel frames supporting glazed and panelled walls, with solar shades to prevent overheating. Between them are the more transparent link buildings, which clearly divide the office wings. The Social Building is part of the campus community housing a crêche, restaurant and sports hall and exhibition areas. In a second phase, a further four office buildings and a restaurant were built, as more departments were re-located to the new campus.

The development reflects 'Going for Green' government initiatives, adopting a low energy consumption strategy, using natural ventilation and maximizing natural daylight

Total Floor Area – 78,000 sqm                                     Start Date – June 1999                                      Completion Date – November 2006 (Phased)

With Michael Hopkins and Partners

Client – Amec Capital Projects LTD

Cost – £139 Million